Replacement Parts
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ATTENTION: Please call for current pricing. Due to low sales volume, we have discontinued sales through this website.

We offer parts support for the following machines:

-Current production Ranger RS, with overhead truss and trolley. (Formerly WoodRunner II)

-Original Woodrunner, with cantilever gantry.

-Blade Infeed Deck.

The Ranger RS and Woodrunner II share many parts with the original, so if you have an original-style machine and don’t see what you need under that section, you’ll find it under the Woodrunner II. For any parts not listed, feel free to call us for advice.

For owners of MiTek Blade saws, please contact MiTek directly for technical support of your Ranger RS, Woodrunner, or infeed deck system at or 1-800-523-3380.

For owners of other brands of saws, please feel free to contact Acer Inc. directly for technical support.

Ranger RS is a trademark of Acer Inc. Ranger RS protected under patent # 8,960,244 and other patents pending. *WoodRunner is a trademark of Apex MW. Acer Inc. is no longer affiliated with Apex MW.