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A history of innovation and quality

Founded in 1996, Acer Inc. is deeply rooted in innovative design and quality manufacturing. The roots of the current business go back to 1981, when the owners of Acer helped build the prototype of the Koskovich Omni Saw. Acer has been involved with the truss industry for 18 years and developed a long-term relationship with The Koskovich Company, designing and manufacturing lumber delivery equipment sold under the Koskovich brand. In 1990, the owners founded Excel Manufacturing and designed and manufactured large baling systems for recyclables. Advanced designs, superior fabrication and modern computer control systems allowed Excel to become a market leader in balers. 

Today we are still innovating, with the introduction and continued success of the Ranger RS lumber retrieval system. Invented and manufactured by Acer, the Ranger RS is one of the most cost-effective and reliable products to be introduced to this market.  Previously sold under the  WoodRunner* name, the Ranger RS has a solid track record of efficiently feeding lumber to linear saws in the truss industry. We also designed and currently manufacture the manually-fed MiTek Auto Deck.

Our strengths as a business

Acer is somewhat unusual in that we design and manufacture all major components of our machinery. Our agile and innovative engineering staff design every piece. As the needs of our customers change, we respond with new ideas and sophisticated solutions. With modern solid modeling software, and our own CNC press brake, machining center, and lathe, we don't have to compromise on component design or quality. From forming and welding, to machining, painting, and wiring, our skilled and versatile employees do it all in-house. We devote significant resources to research and development and evolve our designs as the industry changes.  We strongly believe in providing a safe, comfortable work environment and stable employment for our staff. Their loyalty and hard work show in the quality of the machinery we build. Our thorough design analysis, careful workmanship, and comprehensive testing ensure the machinery we build will operate reliably and profitably for many years.

Ranger RS is a trademark of Acer Inc. Ranger RS protected under patent # 8,960,244 and other patents pending.

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