A 7-station Ranger RS with MiTek Blade saw


Acer Inc. builds lumber handling equipment for wood truss and wall panel manufacturers. Our machinery feeds lumber to automated saws, speeding production and reducing labor costs. Our flagship product is the Ranger a fully automatic Laser Guided Lumber Retrieval System designed to complement a linear-feed saw. The advanced design and quality construction of the Ranger make it the leader in automated lumber feed systems. Our engineering staff can optimize the machine for your plant with different loading configurations, saw location, and storage capacity. The autonomous operation saves on labor costs, since the saw operator can oversee the Ranger. Available with Mitek saws as the Ranger Retrieval System (RS). Available with Hundegger saws as the Ranger Stacking Retrieval System (SRS), which includes an infeed deck capable of stacking 2-4 boards for stack cutting.



For owners of MiTek Blade saws, please contact MiTek for technical support of your Ranger RS, Woodrunner, or infeed deck system at www.mitek-us.com or 1-800-523-3380.

For owners of other brands of saws, please feel free to contact Acer Inc. for Ranger technical support.

Ranger RS is a trademark of Acer Inc. Ranger RS is protected under patent # 8,960,244 and other patents pending.